TRON is Real

I read this week that gaming is becoming the new anti-depressant. This is true. Even I have fallen victim to this. This new age of social gaming requires constant “checking in,” as if the games are our parents. They call it “social gaming” but in reality we are slaves to a game that requires us to ask “friends” for help accomplishing tasks or fighting an enemy.

As you advance in these games they take longer and longer to level up. Sound familiar? We all used to be the ones who would laugh at those who play World of Warcraft, but we are now just like them, if not worse!

We get gratification when we level up or a new feature becomes available. Because gaining new levels and features takes so long, we do not just play one game, we have a ton of them. I find myself at times playing up to six different games a day on my tablet. Sometimes I cannot go through work thinking about how I need to “check in” with my games that night. It’s addicting.

I don’t think we realize what is going on. Developers are strategically playing experiments with our minds so that we become dependent on their software. I find at times that I will go through and delete all but one game because I can get too consumed. Gone are the years of just being devoted to one thing, this is gaming for the multi-tasker and the generations of today.

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