Dear Mr. Being

Sometimes I wonder how I am supposed to express my faith online. In the blogging world, they say you need to know what audience you are writing for to have a successful following. The problem is, I want to write for everyone, not just Christians. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and I desire everyone to experience freedom in Christ. But there are times when I am trying to get a message to my brothers and sisters who are not in Christ and I cringe at some of the Christian vocabulary I use. Sometimes my attempts to please everyone have looked like this:

I believe that there is a purpose beyond all of us and there is a holy presence in all of us that desires to set us free from our pain and sorrow. If we can only seek it and live for it selflessly.

This would please most religions, but I want to be clear as to what I believe. If I was not so concerned to the feelings of others I would more boldly and consistently say:

I believe there is one God who is loves us and places a desire in us to live for His glory. He desires to set us free from our past and imperfections and give him glory by freeing our brothers and sisters from their bondage. I believe none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ.

I feel like saying anything but Jesus Christ is my Savior would not help my cause nor gain the respect of non-Christians. I believe they respect me more for my boldness. I am not the only one who thinks this. You cannot say you have never watered down the gospel a little to make it more tangible for others. It is just not right and I am guilty.

My heart simply hopes to post messages that will not push them further away but let them ponder on what a life of faith could be like.

I think that showing the reality of the Christian faith is far better than sugar-coating it. Atheists, agnostics and members of other religions are not stupid, they can tell who is devoted and who use Christianity for personal gain. My hope is that I just write from the heart, and what an imperfect heart it is.

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