Why Wait?

Do you ever wait to do something because you feel like you are not ready to do it. I am not talking about going to the gym, doing homework or chores. I mean something bigger. Like write a short story and post it on a blog, lead a small group, join a singles group (preaching to myself), intern with an organization, find a mentor, read the Bible, ect.

Do you ever get that stupid idea in your head that you can’t do those things because you are just not “right” yet in the heart? You still have some issues to deal with and sins to sort out. You need to practice before you preach, right? Well, I think we hide behind this thought too much. We use it as a cop out. Yes, we are not perfect, and, yes, we may need to sort our priorities as we dive into this new journey, but why do we forget that we don’t change ourselves? God does.

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