Wide Open Spaces and Narrow Minds

Today I was driving home and noticed how empty the restaurant parking lots were. Oh, how packed they had been a mere three days ago. It made me think how there are two types of people and how I am neither of them and yet both.

Option #1: You are not one of those cars in the restaurant parking lot. You are at home, eating a salad and peeling an orange while sipping on a Diet Coke (fail). You have made the resolution to get healthy and fit.

Option #2: You are not one of those cars sitting in the driveway. You are at Longhorns feasting on a nice and “juicy steak” (in Aussie accent) and having that onion bloom and dessert. You have made the resolution to have no resolution and are happy with your self, beer gut and all!

I, however, consider myself to be . . .

Option #3: I am the guy that ran to Starbucks for a coffee and artesian breakfast sandwich yet paced myself and had a vegetable soup for dinner and lunch. I had nuts and granola to snack on and drowned myself in cups of agua (water). I am happy with where my body is heading because I made my resolution months ago when I committed to 40 days of drinking juice and then 90 days of P90X (Today is Day 57). I didn’t need New Years to kickstart my life again or make me choose one way or the other. I needed something beyond the dieting and dinner-on-a-dime, I needed discipline, courage and commitment in all areas of my life.

But discipline, courage and commitment without a purpose can result in a disaster. Quite frankly, I am nervous. I feel maybe I center much of my purpose around self, rather than God. Maybe this is why so many resolutions fail. Maybe this is why I have messed up so many times and broken a resolution or two or three.

Maybe I lied.

Maybe I did make a New Year’s resolution to make sure I don’t mess up my resolution. Maybe I’ve gotten this far to realize I cannot make it any further without help.

Not me, myself, or I.


Give it up. Give your resolution to Him.

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