I tap my fingers on my keyboard, biting my gums as I wonder how I should feel.

Should I feel guilt?

Should I let pride continue its reign?

It’s just so intense and will require much of me.

Oh, Trent, you talked yesterday of not treading water and yet you jump around this. You’re like a cat who pounces around a ball of yarn leaping at it only to jump back franticly.

Suck it up and “just do it.”

God! God. I’m sorry for not being perfect. I am sorry for not always having the desire to yearn for it more. But once I open those pages again, I’ll be consumed until my heart can take no more.

So, let us look on as Adam meets Eve and Moses parts the waters. Let us be amazed as donkeys talk and empires crumble.

A Savior will be born and death will be defeated.

The greatest story ever told and I am about to watch it all unfold.

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