Invest In Me

My generation does not have it easy. We have grown up in a troublesome world with 9/11 and a shaky economy. My friends are overqualified for their jobs, and many are seeking masters degrees. They hope by the time they are done earning their degree, a door will be open for them to walk through.

We are avoiding what we believe are jobs that underestimate us and mock our intellectual capabilities. We come home to solace from our music, movies and games. They provide us a world where our deepest desires and potential can be realized.

We are stuck between two actions: to wait or to act. We are unsure what to do because we have been taught till now that opportunities fall in our lap and that we just need to do what we always do, and be who we are.

We are starting to question what our teachers told us through all the years. Are the older generations genuinely looking our for our best interests or are they more concerned for themselves? Maybe sort of a fight or flight, or a “you are going to be great someday” remark. They always seem to try to back up their assertion with a “love you” tagged to the end. As older generations are living longer, they have learned to mask the fear of losing their own identity and purpose with the sense of caring for our generation.

My generation is ready for action, but we are told “no” and “not yet.” If not now, when? Each of us are bursting with a desire to live, dream, inspire, and create. What will we have to inspire the generation coming after us is we have not yet paved a way for them? How sad it will be if our generation begins laying a foundation for generations to come and it is too late?

I think there is a growing tension to make sure this does not happen. We are becoming antsy, joining movements, giving more, fighting more and speaking out more. We need people in our generation and the generations that came before us to become activators. We need permission. We need investors.

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