Permission to Give Permission

25 days ago I completed a 40 day juice fast. In the time since, this blog has remained relatively quiet. I have spent much of the time contemplating my actions and the direction I am heading in. I have discovered more about myself after the fast than I did during. I have discovered, with the help of Andy Stanley, that without discipline, I have no direction. I think this is the problem with my generation, the “millennials.” We lack direction because no one has shown us how to discipline ourselves spiritually, financially and academically.

I have pondered on what I wanted to do next with not just my blog, but my life. I have discovered more about myself in these past months than ever before, and I wonder if this is the tipping point. I want to reach out. I want to question. I want to inform. I want to listen. I want to empower my generation and the generation to come. We have much wisdom to gain, and work to be done, with little to inspire us. I want to be that nudge; the one to help people achieve their tipping point where they no longer imagine the possibilities, but live it. It will require many more successes and failures on my part and the continuing metamorphosis of every part of my life, but the inner core of me remains.

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