40 Days: Hardship in the End

I have to admit. These past few days and the three remaining have been and are going to be quite hard. My body is ready to eat some solid food. It is tired and has been working hard these past 37 days to heal itself and eliminate the excess fats and toxins in my body. It is giving me all the signs (headaches, joint-aches, tiredness, ect.). I keep telling myself to hydrate and pace myself. There is no doubt in my mind that my physical body has undergone a tremendous change.

This is the stage where my body is wanting to rest, and it is the time that my appreciation and dependence on God has been at the forefront of my thoughts than ever before. Rest will not come till this weekend, as Catalyst Conference begins tomorrow. What a fantastic way to end this fast and celebrate my Heavenly Father.

I have been proclaiming to myself and to God that He has been faithful over these past few days. He is faithful. He is sustaining my body, and I want this 40 day fast to honor Him. I ask you for prayers for my body to get me through these next 72 hours, and that I listen to God now more than ever before.

Psalms 23.

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