40 Days: I Just Juiced Guacamole

Either you are grossed out by that title or your mouth just started to water. I’ll guess you are on the grossed out side, due to the fact that the guacamole is juiced. Let me tell you that this was a very filling and exciting juice for a boy who has been drinking fruits and veggies for the past 35 days!

Trent’s Guac Goodness
1 Avocado
1 Green Bell Pepper

The avocado produces a thick juice. When I juiced one half of the avocado nothing came out. I was a bit dissapointed and put the rest in to find out that only one little plop of guacamole landed in my Solo cup. So I added a green bell pepper. I knew that the pepper did not actually add any flavor, but packed in a lot of juice. To my dismay, nothing still came out. That was when the lightbulb went off, and I knew that the spout where the juice came out was clogged. Sure enough … one cup of juice came out. With a wink and a smile, I gulped that puppy down!

Because I mixed both veggies before I could measure the amount of juice they produced, here is my guesstimate that the nutrition value:

1 Avocado (juiced) – 300 calories (whoop! Whoop!)* – 4 g of protein – 20 mg of Vitamin C

1 Bell Pepper (juiced) – 170 calories – 1.70 g of protein – 160 mg of Vitamin C
Total: 470 calories, 5.70 grams of protein, and 180 mg of Vitamin C

Of course, this is all guesstimates thanks to Livestrong.com and Wikipedia. But you get the gist of the nutritional value. So now that I’ve had the juice it is time to tango!

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