The New Facebook: Why Forking out $5 for Spotify is worth it

I was listening to a playlist on Spotify today and noticed a little time bar pop up on my Spotify player. It notified me that there were 18 minutes left. Eighteen minutes?! What was going to happen? 18 minutes till my death? 18 minutes until my 40 day fast is over (I wish)? 18 minutes until they announce LOST returns to ABC (I also wish)? No.There were 18 minutes left until my free 10 listening hours per month ended. *Insert long “NO!”* Spotify is radically changing the way I listen to music, and now they tell me I can only listen for 10 hours a month? What is a guy supposed to do? Weigh the pros and cons.

Spotify is now integrated with the new Facebook and so are many other music players. What is unique about Spotify is Facebook promotes them as best, and in my opinion, Spotify is.

Not everything in life is free, and after a stupid hoax last week that Facebook would charge, paying a monthly fee for Spotify is no big deal. Lets face it, we are heading to a paperless, CD-less world. Everything will be digital. Why keep on purchasing album after album, each for $7-$15 a pop, when you can listen to unlimted music with no ads and no time or skip limits?

Spotify presents two payment options: Unlimited and Premium. Unlimited is $4.99 and lets you listen to all the music you want with no ads. Premium is $9.99 a month and lets you do the same as well as listen to music offline, stream on mobile devices, and play some songs in higher-definition. My thoughts are that they will change their plan in the coming months to allow mobile streaming for the Unlimited plan users. Why? Because we all have smart phones now that can stream music.

I expect once people begin to find time-limits on any music app they decide to use on Facebook, there will be mass whining and grumbling. We have been spoiled and it is time we stop feeling so entitled to everything, and work for it. $5 is a Starbucks Coffee or a Meal Deal at Zaxbys. I’ll take listening to every song in the world over a Cafe Latte any day.

Spotify is the real deal. I can see what my friends and listening to and create my own listener following. Once I saw that friends were listening to the new NeedtoBreathe and Switchfoot albums I clicked on what song they were playing and started listening with them. I probably would have never listened to Switchfoot’s new album had I not seen that a dozen of my friends were listening to it. This is social music-sharing at its finest. This is where we are heading. This is why I am forking out $5 a month.

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