40 Days: Pacing in the Home Stretch

So. Two days ago I passed the 30 day mark on my juice fast. How is it going? Well, it has been challenging for sure, but I have stuck to it without giving up. I am in the final stretch, and in about a week, I will be able to have a decent meal. It’s pretty exciting, also extremely scary. Questions still pop in my head as to why I have stuck to this for so long. I have to reassure myself of the goals I set.

1. Clean out the cravings and toxins I have

2. Learn better discipline

3. Honor God by spending more time with Him

4. Understand my emotions

5. Lose weight and have a better body

I’ve stuck to these with additional rules for juicing. I am not asking God for anything for he has already given me so much. What I want is to be able to clear out the clutter in my heart and allow myself to get to a place where I see Him more.

I will admit that today was not easy. My selfishness took hold. What was it that made me so cranky? I strained my eyes from staring intensely at the computer for too long, and I let the headache that ensued get the best of me. It was the first headache I have had in awhile not brought on from lack of water or juice. But in my fault I found strength. I controlled my emotions to the best of my ability. No binge eating or giving up. No sulking over past mistakes and critiquing myself.

Am I happy with today? Yes and No. I am satisfied that God gave it to me, and that I was productive and worked hard at my job. But I need to pace myself and my body in this home stretch. I need to listen to it, as my body has lost so much weight and has had little to rely on. I need to rely on God, family and friends.

So here’s to the home stretch. I am not expecting glitz and glamour. Just hopefully a humbler and more thankful man.

One comment

  1. Yay!! Sweet Brother, you’re almost there and you’ve been doing so great!! I’m so proud of you and sticking to your goals. Can’t wait to hear all that it has done for you. 🙂

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