The Timeline: Facebooks New Yearbook of Your Life

This is the timeline bar. With it you can scroll throughout all the years of your life. From birth to death (when it comes).

Facebook has changed the way we see each other. No longer is there a profile page, instead there is what they have called the “Timeline.” The timeline is now your story displayed for all to see. From life’s first breath to final days, your legacy will not be forgotten.

So what happened to our profile page and wall? They are still around, but they are now your timeline. All posts and status updates that were on your wall now display vertically and by significance. You can remove the conversation with JoAnn that is not relevant to the overall story of who you are. You can also use the photo that Mark posted from your camping trip to Montana and make that a “top story” or a highlight in your timeline.

Show the milestones of your life, like your first vehicle purchase.

If I could explain it another way, you are writing a visual story of your life that people can see and interact with. No longer will people respond to what has been recently posted on your profile; they can now click on the timeline sidebar and scroll all the way back to 2004 and see pictures of your senior year of high school. They can comment on that album and even suggest a video for you to include in to your timeline.
Add in? Users will notice there are 5 new icons on the status update box, they are: Work and Education, Family and Relationships, Living, Health and Wellness, Milestones and Experiences. If you click on any of these, you can add significant events to your timeline that were not there before. It is as if I were to go back to my your senior year on March 2nd and add an event that I got a scholarship. I can upload a photo and even a video of that. I essentially went back in time and changed my wall.

Let us suppose that you  have established the nickname “Wicked Will” because you are known for stirring trouble and got detention four times your senior year for pulling pranks. You are now 22 and want your potential bosses to see that you are a decent guy. You can now go back in time and add a few decent things you did such as feeding the homeless and starting a pet sitting service.

With the new timeline, you are now the star of the show. Turn your mundane life into something people want to talk about.

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