40 Days: 5 Ways to Indulge when Fasting

Don’t worry, I am still going strong on Day 24 of my juice only fast. This post focuses on what to do when you want to indulge but not break a fast. I know indulge does not seem to be a fitting word, but sometimes you just need a break without breaking a fast.

There are ways I have cured my juice “burn-out” and I do it because sometimes my body needs something a little different to process. Here are 5 ways to get your fix:

Starbucks Decaf Soy Tea Latte – Soy is a vegetable and comes in liquid form as soy milk. Not all teas have caffeine in them, such as herbal teas like mint, certain rooibos blends, and certain white teas. Always ask the barista as they should have an assortment of decaf blends. (My favorite: Soy Mint Tea Latte – it tastes like the holidays)

Teavana – If you have never visited a Teavana store, be prepared for the liquor store for teas. Dozens of various blends line the walls of the store and so many products to brew and steep them with. They also will make tea for you right there. Ask for it to be sweetened with honey if possible or else they will put sugar. (My favorite: Get them to make a tea for you from one of the most expensive blends like the monkey-picked teas).

Whole Foods – Now, if you are fasting, this may not be the best place to visit. It is the mall of foods. Seriously. Once I move back into eating more solid foods I will definitely visit this place more. However, I will have to pace myself due to some of the cost of items. What makes it good for us juicers is that they have a juice bar with three blends of juice you can try. (My favorite: The Wild Berry Blend –  tasted like the muscodines I used to pick from my grandfathers garden when I was a kid).

Smoothie King – Smoothie King is what I call the “candy shop.” It is one that mom lets you visit only when you go to the mall. While many of the smoothies are a healthy alternative to fast food, they don’t always fit to the juice fast plan. But, it is always good to take a break and get something quick. They can create whatever drink you want, just remember to make sure that what you add follows your detox/fast plan (more on this is a minute). (My Favorite: Organic Apple Acai – tastes like fall.)

Froots – fruits is a chain that jumps around. We’ve had them open and close around here. If you find one open, run to it! They are one of the few smoothie/sandwich shops that also juice fruits for you. I was able to sit for once and let someone else juice me a drink. And the best thing is that it is all natural! (My favorite: Orange and Banana Juice).

Now, here’s the stitch:

1. Most of these places do not have fresh fruits. They are preserved. Preserved is not the best for your body as it takes longer to break down and has lost some of its nutrients.
2. Soy milk is pasteurized, and thus there is  loss of nutrients. That is one thing we try to stay away from . . . fruit shakes, smoothies, and drinks that are pasteurized. That is why I don’t recommend during a juice fast solely with the Naked and Odwalla smoothies. They are packed with additional ingredients that are not all-natural.
3. Sugar is added to some of these items with no choice. This means headaches and a grumpy stomach.
4. These are not all-natural.
5. Some of these drinks may have traces of dairy even though it is not listed and even if you ask for non-dairy. Dairy causes your stomach to work to breakdown more complex juice. This can cause bloating, gas, cramps, and a grouchy stomach.

These are meant to be a better alternative when you are on-the-go, without your juicer, or experiencing a hard situation. Never use these as an emotional release. If you do, you will find yourself slowly breaking your juice fast.

Here is some guidelines I set up for myself:
1. Only do a soy latte from Starbucks 1-2 times a week
2. Only do a smoothie from Smoothie King  (or a smoothie store) 1 -2 times a week max.
3. Only have a pasteurized drink 1-2 times a week.
4. Only have a drink with preserved juices 1-2 times a week.

If you can get through the week only visiting one of these places once, more power to ya!


  1. Trent Hope, you’re an animal!
    No seriously, your posts about this juice fast make me want to try it. Hope you’re doing well friend. Good news: My church is planning on taking a trip with 410 next summer! Can’t wait.

    We need to catch up sometime soon!

    Travis Rushing

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