How You Live is . . .

I had a conversation with a friend this week that put into words what I have been trying to say to myself. He basically told me that, “You are how you live.” In other words, how do you live your life?

How did I end up to where I am now? I asked God for one thing, and I am quite embarrassed that I forgot I asked him in the first place. I asked him to help me to figure out how to do a fast. Water-only seemed out of the question for how I live my life. I am always on the go and rarely have a minute to spare. I need energy, and a water fast would affect too much of my work. Juicing solved that problem.

How does that correlate with how I live? As I have juiced I have seen my life and my job become more structured. Is it just because I juiced? NO. It is because I have disciplined myself into eating what is good for my body.

Sometimes I think we Christians try too hard and spread ourselves too thin. We focus on disciplining ourselves in too many areas at once. When I started to get into a pit I would be so determined to starting journaling, memorizing scripture, listening to Christian music and sermons and reading the Bible. What I found out what I was overloading myself with religion and not God.

It became clear to me tonight as I talked to a friend that when you focus on one thing, everything else seems to start falling into place. Now that I have focused on what I eat, I am finding that everything is adjusting in my life, such as my body, my sleeping pattern, my work ethic, clarity of mind and my self-esteem. Folks, fasting is the answer to my struggle to structuring my life. Is it the means to an end? No. But it is God’s quick way of stripping you of everything. It is the sabbatical my mind has needed.

Fasting may not be the discipline you need to tackle first, but it sure one of the most effective spiritual disciplines. I feel like now I can focus on the other spiritual disciplines such as journaling, prayer, serving, memorization, ect. I hope to see these areas flourish over the remainder of these 40 days and beyond.

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