40 Days – “Fifteen Days”

Today is day fifteen of my juice fast. I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I have had anything solid in my body. No meats, dairy, caffeine, sugar or gum. Nada. What have I learned in fifteen days, it is quite different from what I expected.

Many people go into a fast at the spur of the moment. They do it that way because they are desperate to alleviate something in their lives. They are looking to numb some pain, whether it is obesity, anxiety, depression, frustration, or just the need to get an answer from God on something. Going into a fast like that is not how God works nor how he intended a fast to function.

I’ve learned that preparing yourself before a fast is key. Don’t do it the next day. Plan ahead and give your body 3-5 days to adjust to less quantities of food. Start weaning yourself off of caffeine and try not to have any hefty meals (Moe’s, Chinese, BBQ) and stick to simple meals (Sub sandwich, veggie pizza, salads, light sandwich and soups). This will make Days 2-5 much easier.

Now, how did the past fifteen days pan out? Here’s what I was thinking:

Day 1 – I felt pretty good. No caffeine headache. Stomach grumbled a little.

Day 2 – I hated my life. Headaches all day. Everything irritated me.

Day 3– *Same and I had stiff joints.

Day 4 – The headache was gone by the end of the morning and I was not hungry. My joints were still stiff.

Day 5 – 10 – Juice satisfied me. Weird cravings like cinnamon toasted almonds and egg sandwiches. I found out that when I exercised hard that my joints got stiff and sore.

Day 10 – 15 –During these days I realized how juice really boosted my energy. As soon as I drank a few gulps my body felt amazing and I could feel the energy rushing through my blood. It was also during these days that I started to let my heart and mind begin to move from a self-centered focus to more of a reliance on God.

Only once during this time did I take a pain reliever and it was because my joints were so stiff and sore. Other than that moment, I have stayed away from any medicine and have had no issues. Part of the reason of this fast is to rid your body of dependence on the wrong stuff (processed foods, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, and late night Taco Bell runs).

During this time I noticed my body was getting leaner and leaner. While I do not have any pictures to post, I can assure you that the difference is substantial… maybe these digits I am about to give you will help you get a better picture. In the past 15 days I have lost a grand total of 15 lbs. I am not kidding! That is from 174.4 lbs to 160 lbs or a pound a day!

God gave us all we needed to be nourished and this can be proven by the all natural juice detox. Does this mean that you need to do a 40 day fast? Absolutely not! I would actually recommend you do three other types of juice fasts.

A. “FIVEer” – Five days of juicing only. No coffee, tea, or any caffeinated beverage. No solids. 5-6 juice drinks (8 oz.) per day.

B. “Five On/Off” – Five days raw fruits and veggies and then five days juice only. Everything else is the same as above.

C. “Dos a Day” – Two meals out of three a day are juice. One meal is raw fruits and veggies. If you want to snack in-between meals make it carrots, celery, apple slices, or bell peppers.

These are just three ideas on how to cleanse your body of toxins, cravings, caffeine and sudden Starbucks pit stops. I will go into creating a fast that is custom to your body and lifestyle later.

I have to thank God for getting me through these first fifteen days. He is waiting for me to fully focus on him now that my body is fully adjusted. God, give me wisdom to hear from you!

*Before doing a fast longer than five days, please consult with a doctor if you have had or currently have any health issues and are on any medication. Any advice given in these posts are my own and of no professional merit. Be smart and eat right!

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