40 Days – Experimenting

Cucumbers - excellent choice if you want some juice that isn't too flavorful.

So. There are receipes for when you juice, but I have always been the risk-taker in the family. Yesterday morning I got in the experimenting mood and this was my notes:

Cucumber Р awesome to add to any drink, no flavor and lots of juice
Yellow Pepper – 1/2 cup juice, no flavor

At this point I was pretty happy and thought it was basically like drinking water, except veggie water. Let’s see what happens . . .


Yes . . . Radishes. . .

Radishes – 2 (not bad) added two more (awesome!)
Tastes still like water but with a spicy end (not that spicy for you tame folk).

And after this next thing, it got as pretty much as good as it could get.

Oranges – 1 (not bad) 2 (awesome!)

You could add this next thing and get your “green” on, but that is it. . .

Kale leaves – do about 1 bunch

I have more notes after this, but it just got gross . . .

So out of this experimenting, I got some good new receipes. Who knew with radishes, huh?! Seriously. They add an awesome tang to the mix and it is something I might even try in a fruit mix. I always try to knock out as many veggies as possible. If you can put a veggie in a fruit juice, do it!

I have many other tales from this weekend, but I thought this might be a neat filler until that post!

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