A New Chapter – 40 Days Juice Fast

I feel like I have a lot of chapters in my life. I do not know whether that is a good thing or not, but I think it is. To me, many chapters means that God is up to something. Whether that chapter be short and quick or long and prolonged, I see that throughout my life He has sustained me and shown me a lot.

All throughout this summer down in Panama City, God was putting something new on my heart. Now, new may be a little misleading… maybe the word “prominent” would do. I could not quite figure it out, but I knew he was up to something.

Coming back to “normal” life here in Georgia after the camps were over was not as hard as the past two summers, but still had its days of what we call the “BigStuf Blues.” After seeing over 15,000 lives change this summer and gaining 19 new friends, aka intern family, it is quite obvious you would be bummed to see the end to such an amazing summer.

My roommate and I decided not to resign the lease on the townhouse we had been in for the past year and began searching for a new place to live. We quickly found the perfect place only three minutes from our old townhouse. Work was very productive and I finally felt like I had a good financial foundation for the years to come. It was quite obvious that God had taken care of everything for me so I could in this next chapter come to Him without restraint.

I spent a week off of work hoping it would be a week that I could grow closer to God, but I ended up being more frustrated because I felt like there was a barrier between him and I. I felt I had wasted a very valuable week of the year on my self and had accomplished no spiritual resolution.

It was not till a week after my vacation that God revealed his plan in two ways, one more illogical than the other. Netflix seems to be something that would be quite the “quiet-time” killer for those hoping to live a devout Christian life, but there was a documentary on the site that caught my attention. It is called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The show is about a man who decides to do a juice fast for 60 days. He was overweight and suffering from illnesses that were due to his weight. He decided to reboot his life with nothing but fruits and vegetables.  The results of just a few days had my mind spinning. “God,” I thought, “are you really using a show on Netflix to speak to me?” He was.

He proved it by a book that I have had the hardest time trying to re-read called Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney. The book focuses on disciplining yourself though various mean (fasting, praying, journaling, ect) and was presented to me by a pastor I had in middle school.

I suddenly had interest in the book again and found myself quickly underlining and highlighting things that had previously not revealed themself to me. One of the things that immediatly stood out was a verse. The verse was 1 Timothy 4:7. It specifically tells us to discipline ourselves for the pursuit of godliness.

Godliness? Is this what is wrong with me? Is this what needs to happen to bridge the gap? Is this what you are wanting me to do? Discipline? What is this discipline and what does it require of me? So many questions and so much to learn, I could hardly wait to dive in.

God says it requires 40 days. This is Day One.


Follow me as I frequently post updates on my blog of things I learn over these 40 days. I hope that this time is well spent to glorify God and is not a spotlight on by struggle to drink only juice.

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