When the Thunder Rolls and The Lightning Strikes

If you know that song, then you are either a country music fanatic or old. Ha! It has been a bit since my last post and I actually have a moment to breathe and write. And a few people have barked at me for not doing any updates. If you keep me accountable I will continue to write. Deal?

Anyways. Last night was awesome. It was hectic, but awesome. I was stage manager along with Beth Romanowski (sp?). We set up a game for Minute-to-Win-It, only to go over on “THINK” time and not use it. So it was the came “Nose Dive” and I had Vaseline all over me from spreading it out on two plates for the game. I smelled like baby powder. But no big deal… my hands were now soft. I was happy. But then the thunder started right as Duffy took the stage. Not just any thunder, but our first huge thunderstorm this summer. And then the power went out for a few seconds. Lanny was immediately on his toes and I was making sure I was getting done everything he needed me to do. We had flashlights and megaphones on standby. Awareness and Initiative come into play here. Ha. The hotel ended up shutting down to keep people safe and so Lanny decided to extend worship. I had a few seconds of down time while Lanny was standing on the left wing of the stage and I went and enjoyed the songs. They sang “Our God Reigns” and something in me started to choke me up. Somehow God felt closer last night and I have no idea if it was just me being more open to Him last night or if He just wanted to make a more noticeable “check-in.” But I was tearing up. I love Him, my God, my father and I am realizing His hand in my life more and more this summer. I love my team and I love my brothers in Christ. God moved last night in a powerful way and He messed me up a little bit. The storms were much needed, even through all the production and technical junk, He plowed through it and let his name be known.

Credit: Gwen Blythe's awesome iPhone.

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