Day One is Here

I can’t believe it. Day One is now here. It is 12:08 am and I am so excited. Two churches got in early today and we got to meet a group from Mississippi that have never been to BigStuf before. Today has just been a day of anticipation and excitement that just keeps on building. We saw a rough sketch of the intro video and even got our voices recorded for a huge part of the intro video. If I could describe anything of what I am feeling right now it is “movement.” The is just this huge feeling that God is about to tear down some walls and really get something going here. I just finished reading through Galatians and one verse just struck home, “Finally, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus. (Gal 6:17)” I am not worried for all that is on my plate for this summer, because God has brought me here… he has given me what I can handle. My hope is that my heart and the emotion I feel will continue to grow, that it is not a fake feeling and that something is really happening. I am tired of all the let downs and false hopes… I hope this is it…

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