Fold Them Shirts!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. The morning started at 8:30 again and we had McDonalds for breakfast. I had a parfait and a McSkillet Burritto. We’ve had Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for the past few days, so I am happy about that. Yesterday, little tasks needed to be done up to the time that we would be able to build the decking. I helped a little with the curve walls and then headed over to my store to prepare the area for the T-Shirt factory. I had no idea if the shirts would come in then or on Thursday, but I wanted to be prepared. I also looked through the thumb drive that Victoria gave me. On it was all the info I needed for the store. It was pretty neat to see all the things come together.

After lunch (FireHouse subs) I helped with a little bit of decking, but then the shirts came in and I got help with brining them in and putting them in my store section. Jaime gave me a few people and I decided to go ahead and start the t-shirt factory. I had the tables lined up, paper, pads, m&ms, goldfish, and an awesome music playlist I created that morning. I knew it would be a long process, but nearly 8 hours later, everyone was tired and I was ready to be done with the counting. We counted around 4,200 shirts and folded them all. Our Chinese dinner from China Wok helped us have energy to finish the counting until we ended at about 9:50pm. The decking got done and most of the staging is complete minus the black draping. The stage this year looks killer and I am ready to see it in action.

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