Forgetting the Past…

I think so many people miss out on what the future holds because of what we hold on to from the past or what we are experiencing in the present. I am guilty of this and I think that I too could be sometimes just a yardstick away from depression. Depression is when you just cant let go of the present or past hardships; you just can’t shake it. You choose not to see the good in the past, but all the mistakes and failures. I do have many many many mistakes and failures from my past and even present, but I think what has kept me from depression or making even more bad mistakes is focusing on the good times and the things that God has done in my life. Who can say they have been to Jamaica twice? Who has the opportunity to go to Hawaii and Kenya twice in three years? Enough boasting on my part, but what I am basically trying to say is when you look at all the ways you’ve been blessed, the things that are horrible that you are dealing with or have dealt with don’t seem to make your days so bleak anymore. You realize how much useful you are to those around you and all the things God has done through you

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