Guilty as Charged

Yes. I am guilty. I love trance, techno, electronic, electro-pop music. I have my BigStuf pal Ethan to thank. I love the beats and rhythm they put out and I always catch my body moving to the beat. Why do you think so many people enjoy dancing or going to clubs? I think it is because it is an experience you can share with people who are dealing with so much diverse things in their life, but for one night or one song we can all have fun and forget everything. There is all sorts of dancing, clubs, music, etc.; some good and some bad. Not all dancing is good for the soul, but not all dancing is bad either. In the Bible it talks about dancing and even dancing in the presence of the Lord. God longs to see us happy and not happy in a self-fulfilling sense, but a happiness that also brings Him happiness and glory. God can receive that through dancing. I have been a part of schools and churches that ban dancing, believing that dancing leads to immoral acts or lifestyle. But just like everything that God gives us we have to pace ourself, not overindulge and see what is good for who we are and what God has called us to do. Now, it really seems like an awkward subject to write about and quite silly and a tad embarrassing, but I think dancing and partying is something that brings a sense of community and love; a boost to relationships and how they are supposed to be.

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