The Draw of Avatar

Avatar was almost the epitome of Science Fiction, yet it is now the highest grossing movie of all time. Why is that? I think it is because people can relate to the feelings and emotions of the characters in the movie and not necissarily in the Christian sense, but in the lonliness, confusion, sadness, anticipation and grief we see the characters display. I think we as humans always have this sense of longing. A longing for something bigger and better. Jake Sully, Sam Worthington’s character, had that in the movie. His brother was better than him and a celebrity to the family and the marines. His brother dies and in desperation the marines get Jake to replace his brother. I think there is a lot of meaning in this act because as a human he felt used, unimportant, a piece of trash on the side of the road. He was just being cleaned up enough to be the closest reflection of his brother. How sad and depressing. So when he lands on Pandora and experiences a world through the body of an Avatar he finds answers and meaning. He is a part of a bigger picture and not just that, but more importantly he is needed to save a group of people, the sacred natural life, and he sees that when he dies his soul becomes a part of the great tree of life… it will never die and he will live forever with all the Na’avi people. How soothing that is to the soul? To know your life has purpose, meaning, and that you, no matter what you’ve done, will love forever with the people you love.

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