Anticipation with No Regrets

I really cannot believe I am doing BigStuf Camps again… I think the closer we get to our start date on May 20th, the more it is actually sinking in… I am going to spend a whole other stinking summer in Panama City?! Who gets to say that they did camps that ministered to over 30,000 students over the summer on the beach?! I am that guy who lived at the beach during the summer! I think back to High School on the first day back when the teacher would ask how our summer was and people would tell of their vacation, trips and adventures, I always wanted to be that guy who said I lived on the beach all summer working camps and having fun. And now in reality, that’s me!!! One of the biggest things I regret from last summer was not keeping a journal. And I knew going into my first summer at BigStuf Camps that I need one. I bought a $30 book-sized journal with all the intentions of filling up all 300+ pages. But barely 20 are filled. And then at the end of the summer each intern received a moleskin journal and I think it only made me feel worse for not recording all my thoughts and experiences.So this summer I HAVE to keep a journal/blog. And, honestly, I took enough pictures last summer that I will be able to remember most things from summer ’09. But this summer I am feeling a call to retire my cameraman status and really write what I am feeling. Other interns will take a ton of pictures and it won’t be a huge loss. It’s hard to believe though that I am 12 days away from almost 3 months of sheer awesomeness.

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