Negative Nancy Left Negative Ned…Their relationship stunk

So, I will admit that I am guilty of it. I can be pessimistic at times and chew the fat about how this or that is so bad. And I think lately I realize how when I do complain or whine about something how of a turn of it is and how bad it makes me look. When all you are is negative, no one wants to hear you out. And I think there is a BIG difference between negativity and telling someone the hardships you have gone through in life. I would like to believe that when you want someone to hear you out, the more you are honest and just cut to the real core of what you are going through, the more they are willing to help you out and get you going in the right direction. Because the right direction is where we are really wanting to go, right? When we meet with someone at their house or a Starbucks or at Rising Roll or Panera for lunch we are wanting to let them know the barriers in our life to see if there is some possible way out of the situations and hardships we are going through. And I am not meaning to sound selfish, because while I believe we want our crap to be answered we also want those sitting across from us sipping the coffee and tea to have their problems solved too. This is what relationships, friends, love, community is all about. Being surrounded by people who love and know you and want the best for you and you want the same for them. When relationships become one-way, or it is all about one person and never about the other, the relationship get strained and often divorce happens for a couple or friends may part ways. If you want to have the deep, real relationships, you have to take the focus off of you and tone down the whining and complaining. Because when you are always Negative Nancy or Nate, people stop hearing you out and you begin to lose relationships and people to guide you in the right direction. How can you change the attitude? I really think it begins with cutting out time in your day to just be still, focus, pray, read the Bible and talk to God. There is something about the solace and peace that gives you a higher level of tolerance for the horrible co-workers or nightmare commute. And really, why worry, complain, or always be negative? It is a waste of your time here on Earth and it is a major disgrace to those who are not as well off as America is. Stop make you the focus and you will see people flock back to your side.

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