Orange Dr.

So the past two weeks I have been very lucky to work at two different conferences with BigStuf. The first one was Orange Conference. Orange is by Reggie Joiner of ReThink. Reggie hosted the whole shebang with Lanny as sidekick. It was held at the Gwinnett Arena, which was also where Catalyst is held in the fall. The difference between Catalyst and Orange is that Orange has a more intimate feel too it. Whereas Catalyst is just so dagum HUGE. Don’t get me wrong, Orange was about 4,000 people I believe, but they were spread out over the arena and the conference center. Out booth was pretty awesome (pictures to be added soon). It took about 2 hours to build and was hands-down the best booth there. The walls we used as backing was basically steel sheeting molded to a wavy wooden frame. When we took some COLORados and shined them up on the walls it created a pretty cool illusion. The walls are actually pretty light and stackable. You could easily carry four or more at a time.

The booth itself was split into different sections, the BigStuf Camps area was on the left and the BigStuf Media was on the right. Three plasma TVs helped break the booth into different sections. In the middle of the booth we set up “Minute to Win-It!” a new game show on NBC where contestants have one minute to complete a task in hopes to get up to $1,000,000. We had 9 or 10 games that people could play and it was so much fun and a huge win for BigStuf and Orange. We were almost always doing a game and had a crowd surrounding the booth. While amazingly fun, it wore us out! For each completed task one could win a certain amount of credits to BigStuf Media. The grand prize was 3 free registrations to the camp. While no one won the grand prize, someone did get close and got one free registration.

We had a little lady around the age of 10-12 stay around our booth for mostly the whole duration of the conference. She was a funny and independent little girl that always had her little sister, Nooma, with her. The funny thing was she would hand the baby off to one of us and be gone for long periods of time. She even helped us set-up and clean up games. We just never really felt the need to ask her where her parents were. Her name is Charity, and that was what she did, helped without even being asked. We saw the best and worst of her to, so basically she became a part of the family for the conference. Maybe next year we will be reunited.

Orange was just a nice breather for everyone. I think it was good for the staff to get out of the office and into a fun environment as planning for Camps is ramping up as the first camp is a month away. The speakers were awesome and the music was indescribable. Lanny dressed up as an Avatar on the last day and nailed one of the Na’avi perfectly…

Drive Conference was the past week, and it was really the polar opposite of Orange and even Catalyst. A lot of the same people do all three, but Drive is more learning driven. The people were very nice and everything was neat and well-done, but it was hard to grab people and talk. It wasn’t as intimate as Orange and because of that playing “Minute to Win-It!” at the booth proved to be very tough because pastors and family were running from one session or breakout to the next. The only thing we could really do was hand out a frisbee and a flyer. Again, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but we just went in expecting almost the same thing as what we experienced at Orange. We did meet some awesome people and saw many people that are bringing their churches to camp this summer, so it was another fun conference with great messages and production…just geared to a different group of people.

Other than those two conferences I have been working my tail off on designing and building an environment for the Camps called the 410 Experience…more to come on that soon.

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