Procrastination is ALWAYS the Answer

Ok. Well, that is a lie. This week as been one of a strong desire to procrastinate or give up, but it is one that is winning on actually having things done for my trip to Jamaica next week. Papers and projects I once saw as a giant mountain to climb are being worked out a finished by the grace of God. And that is a ‘fo sho. God is fixing things to help my heart and mind slowly adjust to allowing Him to lead through me this mission trip. I cannot take any credit for this trip and He has made sure of that… and I love it. This is a GOD thing. Now, it is only Tuesday and I still have a ton to do between now and Saturday, but I am 100% confident I will be prepared by Friday. That doesn’t mean I need any less prayers, text messages, Skype dates, or whatnot… Lord knows I need them, but I can trust that God has got this all in His hands.

Faith and Trust only make sense when you give it all to Him.

Wish I could trust Him 100% all the time… being human sucks.

– Trent

P.S. Maybe I am procrastinating a little right now… from writing a book report that is…ugh…

One comment

  1. Hey Brother,
    This is so great to read since my voicemail from you yesterday. I am so happy that everything is working out for you! I love you so much and I am keeping you in my prayers. 🙂


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