This is the second post of my LOST adventures this past Christmas in Hawaii (see first post here). This edition shows off China Walls, a neat rocky cliff and platform in a neighborhood on the eastern part of Oahu. It is very beautiful, yet very dangerous. We went at the perfect time when the tide was down and the area wasn’t too crowded.

This is Doc Artz, a science teacher for a high school. This scene is from the season one finale, “Exodus: Part I.” This finale is most memorable because it has sort of an “explosive” ending for Artz in Pt II.

These are from the same episode and shows the characters walking to the Black Rock. Locke, Danielle, Artz, Kate, Jack, and Hurley. Notice the layout of the land and the cliff.

And the final screen capture comes from Season 3, Episode 22… another season finale! This scene is of the survivors leaving the camp and heading inland. Explosives are used in this episode from Black Rock as well.

So, now time to show you our little trek to this filming location… (click each photo to get a little more info)

The location is not well known, so it makes for a very unique experience and great photo location. Most of the LOST scenes we see are of the characters walking around the corner where the house is. Some other scenes were shot on the other side of the cliff that we didn’t go to. But, it we walked were they did and experienced something cool.

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