Haiti Bound


So, before I got the internship for BigStuf this summer, I knew that we were not going to Kenya…I was a little bummed. But, I knew that God had placed the opportunity to do the summer camps a second time. Why would I turn it down? Like I have said in previous blogs, God is really pushing me to trust Him. I don’t know why I have had such a hard time doing that. Maybe because I feel like there were many opportunities in the past for me to take control, fix things, or help out with and no one would trust me or give me a chance to show what I can do. To be quite frank, that has been a struggle for me for the past few years… people trusting in the youth. The youth are rising generation that will soon take the place of today’s adults. Why not trust them, give them opportunity, allow them to see their strengths and weaknesses. But…that is a whole other blog post…

So I decided to trust God and go with the camp internship again. Not going to Kenya provided a new and challenging experience. If we were going to promote 410 and Compassion this summer, my experiences in Kenya would prove vital to helping students and adults understand the dire need of the Kenyans. But BigStuf was moving away from Compassion and towards promoting 410 Bridge and their child sponsorship program called BrightPoint. So there was a lot of new things I would experience this summer. Before they took their interns to Kenya and Tanzania, they did a Mystery Tour where the interns would spend a day serving, learning, having fun and each night would travel to a new location… so this was where I think our summer pre-camp experience was heading… then Haiti suddenly flooded our lives.
The earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti were devastating. Even before the disaster, Haiti was already devastated from poverty, hurricanes, corrupt government, and landslides from rain. Many organizations were going to Haiti long before the ones that crowd every street today.
Haiti sort of dropped into BigStuf’s hands as a new opportunity for the camps and 410 Bridge. Service trips began to be planned and ways for financial relief and income for families we being planned. So, if Lanny, Kurt and the rest of the BigStuf people felt a burden for Haiti, it was obvious that this summer needed to be one that would focus on something closer to home and more tangible for students to understand. Students don’t see the detestation in Kenya on the media… but they saw the death, hurt and pain of Haiti. To help students grasp how well-off they are here in America, the smartest thing to do would be to use Haiti. So this summer the track bags the students will use to carry their booklets, towels, cash, Bibles, cameras and more, will be made by Haitians. Some of the videos shown will be of Haiti. Kenya won’t be forgotten as we will push students to sponsor children in Kenya as well as have the Daraja choir come every week. But Haiti will be that one thing that will touch every student’s heart.
But we were still left in the dark as interns. How could we explain Haiti, let alone Kenya if only Jeff Pickering and I were returning? It was going to be a tough summer to get students to act missionaly. So about two weeks ago Jenny England (the intern director) revealed that they were trying to get a trip together for us to go to Haiti…. this changed everything. Not only would this trip allow us to be able to push the importance of giving to a third-world country through experiencing Haiti, it would also be something new for me and something quite extraordinary. I would be able to see the ravaging effects of an earthquake…WOW. But two weeks ago… it was a very bleak possibility. One that I felt deep inside would obviously come to fruition… it had to if we were going to heavily push aid to Haiti at our camps. And a few days ago we found out that Haiti was a go for our team…

I really can’t comprehend it. I can’t grasp it. I am going to Haiti to experience death and pain all fresh from a major disaster. I just can’t wrap my mind around it yet and I love it! Why? Because it will be an experience that I will have with my whole team. Had we gone to Kenya, the experience would not be as special as it would be to those who have never been; granted still a blessing, but not an eye-opening trip. I get to have my mind-blown all over again with this new experience of Haiti…

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