74 Today, Snow Tomorrow

Life is nice.
Plain and simple as that.
And I think when it is nice and perfect, you have to prepare yourself for the downer, the moment of change, the negativity. I think God has brought me upon a mountain top right now, and while I am very happy to take a breather, I really want to get back in the valley so I can experience another mountain top sigh of relief. It is the moments when you realize God has brought you out, or as Chrystina and Chelsea sang at BigStuf, (Horrible Audio, but you can see Chrystina all the way to the left). And here is Chris Tomlin singing it: .
The lyrics go:

Verse 1
You turned my way
You heard my cry
You turned my mourning into shouting
Sorrow may last for a night
But with the light I am seeing
I am singing

You lifted me out
You lifted me out
And set me dancing, dancing
Free, now I am free
Your love rescued me
Now it’s the anthem I’m singing

Verse 2
Many will see
Many will hear
And find You strong enough to save
Many the wonders You have done
Your light has come, I am singing
I am singing


Lost is where You found me
Shattered and frail
But You love me still
Trouble may surround me
My heart may fail
But You never will
You never will

I love those moments of realizing God has lifted you out of a bad season or a “desert time”. I think those exact moments are more fulfilling then the time you spend on the mountain top before you have to walk through the valley.

God has been teaching me much in the past two days, 1. When something doesn’t go the way I want it to or if I am feeling sick, I tend to lose focus on Him. 2. Most of the time that is when God is trying to bring back my focus to him. When I screw up or have a miserable day, it is usually my own doing. It is sometimes God tapping me on the shoulder saying – look what you can do – but see what I can do. He is so much stronger than I am and when I stray I discover how weak and small I am.
Life is always fleeting. Like today, for instance, I awoke to snow falling while on Saturday (the first day of Spring) it was 75 degrees. Seasons come and go, the weather changes quickly… so will this mountain top. And God is forewarning me of the trials still to come and how I need to depend on him.

More on depending on him in a later post this week.
– Trent

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