Why A Vision?

Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few end up somewhere on purpose. (8)

How true, eh?! How many times do you catch yourself or others saying “If Only” or “I wish?” Chances are you hear or think it a lot. I believe it is because when we are not aligning our plans and vision with Gods plans and vision we are missing out on HUGE opportunities beacause our God is a BIG god who has BIG things in store for us if we only ask.

What is vision? Well briefly until I talk about it more in the next post, it is thinking about where you want to be down the road. It is maybe what you want to achieve by the time you are age “whatever.” There are those of us who have a picture of what we want to be our could be. That is vision as Andy perfectly explains.

A clear vision, along with the courage to follow through, dramatically  increases your chances of coming to the end of your life, looking back with a deep abiding satisfaction, and thinking, I did it. I succeeded. I finished well. My life counted. (9)

I think we all want those last four statements to resound when we are at our deathbed. Sociologically speaking (as it is my minor) we will get to an age in our life where we will reflect on our youth and adulthood. It is sort of a forced golden years. And those golden years can either be filled with satisfaction and rest, or the deepest anguish of what could have been. Far too many settle for pleasure than purpose. And in our culture today, pleasure comes first. (chew on that  for a bit).

Andy weaves vision into four things of our daily experience: 1. Passion 2. Motivation 3. Direction and 4. Purpose. He states:

Vision is always accompanied by strong emotion (passion). And the clear the vision the stronger the emotion. (10)

I am guilty of this and I know many of you are or have been. When you are serving, leading, or following and you have lost all sense of passion and emotion for what you are doing or who you are following, you have lost the vision for your life. You are off the tracks of where God is aiming to lead you.

Vision also provides motivation. Andy says:

Find me a man or woman who lacks motivation and I’ll show you someone with little or no vision. Ideas, yes. Dreams, maybe. Vision, not a chance. (10)

This has been me SO many times. I am a dreamer. I have many ideas and I am very creative. But I lose out on so much because in all my excitement I lose out on what God wants to do with that. Many people have excellent ideas, set designs, themes for camps, charity events, etc. But all they are able to do is maybe dream or have neat ideas and because they have no vision that is all they stay, as dreams or ideas. Having a vision creates a strategy for those ideas and dreams to take place and be an actual reality. Maybe not in the way you envisioned it, but as God wants it.

Vision will also:

Prioritize your values. (12)

Like I said above, it will create a gameplan for making your dreams a reality. With no effort or organization, you will end up nowhere.

And finally:

Your set of visions are unique to you. (12)

You are unique and your dreams are different than EVERYONE else. That gives your life purpose.

Glorifying God involves discovering what we could and should accomplish. (13)

As we move forward into 20 building blocks of having a vision for your life, I hope you take the four things that create vision and see how they apply to each block. I have missed out on a lot and I have been able to experience a lot. Don’t have any regrets… this is not self-help, this is chasing and pursuing your dreams with all your heart (and God’s).

– Trent

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