LOST: A Journey

I came about LOST about a year after its premiere. No one really talked about it or watched it. I only remember a classmate in high school telling me when she was in Hawaii she saw Hurley, but no one knew who that was. During its first season, I never watched an episode nor turn the channel to it. It was like it never existed. Then one fateful day the fall of 2005 I downloaded the pilot episode from iTunes. I remember reading the description and thinking, “How bad could this be?” Adventure. A plane crashing. Could there be pirates? How would they get rescued. Sounded like adventure, and quite frankly SURVIVOR was becoming boring and less exciting than its first few seasons. So I gave it a chance….

(To Be Continued)

Next: LOST: ON LOCATION (Episode 2, Season 6)
Find out a filming location and more!

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