Fall 2OO9

I cannot believe time has passed so quickly! It seems just yesterday that May was here and I was about to embark on my BigStuf internship. BigStuf consumed me for the summer and it was honestly, the best summer of my life. Believe me, I have had some pretty sweet summers, especially trips to the beach with my grandparents, many weeks in Virginia, and Hawaii. But this summer just trumped ’em all. Starting today and throughout the next months I will post pictures, videos, and other things that will highlight my experience. I wish I had made time to write and update the blog through the summer, but I believe this blog and some very hefty projects I am working on in my spare time will make up for my abscence from the blog-o-sphere. Not only will you see what all I did, but hopefully you will be able to see the spiritual journey I have embarked on once more in my life…a spiritual reawakening for a God-filled summer.

I am blessed. Period. And I hope in return from all you have done for me (support, friendships, prayers, etc.) you will be blessed as well.


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