Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

I slept great, but I was dead tired and so was everybody else. We had breakfast  and then went upstairs to rehearse skits, songs, and icebreakers. We spent a few hours doing that. A few people were feeling sick so four dropped out when we went to practice soccer in the field. There was already stuff going on on the field so we found a side patch of grass and spent about thirty minutes going over various soccer drills and moves. We then walked back to our hotel. We had a nice break until lunch, so I just rested in my room.

Lunch came and went and it was about time to go with the Antioch people to the children’s home. We walked there and waited for thirty minutes for the kids to get there. The kids were awesome. We ended up going into a building, I guess their schoolhouse, and we did our program. When we got to the airplane skit, I got the part where I explained the skit and about God’s love and sacrifice. The ministers really started to get into it and yell, “preach it”….yeah…..lets just say I was all like, “Oh crap no!” I kept it going for a little while longer, but I wanted to get the point across to the kids. Whew! With that over with, I went and sat down. 🙂 There was a girl who was mentally challenged, we don’t know if her name was Cecilia or Silvia, but we will go with Cecilia. She was crazy…literally. She pinched my butt. Then when we got out to the soccer field and we were sitting down, she came over and plopped down on my lap I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull her pants up. She was six years old. She couldn’t speak, but her laugh made up for that. It was the most heart-warming laugh you could hear. The thing that made me sad was that no one seemed to care about her. She was treated no different than any other kid She couldn’t walk well and could easily wind up in the street getting run over.

After putting up with Cecilia for a long time I was happy to do a soccer drill. I had six kids and we were competing against four other teams. We were Liverpool. We scored only one point. Everyone else got 4-5 points. It was a little hectic, but fun. After doing soccer drills for about an hour we waled the kids back to their home and headed back for dinner.

I forgot to mention earlier that before the kids came home fro school we watched the ministers from Antioch splitting wood for the kitchen stove. I told them that in America we don’t really chop wood anymore. The were surprised.

Anyways, dinner was good. Meatballs were tasty, but my favorite for every dinner is the spinach! After dinner we loaded up in the buses to go to Antioch to see and perform skits. They pretty much did everthing with the exception of us doing the “In the Light” skit. It ended up good. After our skit Pastor Danny spoke for 15-20 minutes. We sung a few more songs and slowly left. We got back and ended up chilling out on the balcony. The crowd slowly dwindled. It was down to me, Matt, and Kirsten. We talked about church, love, kids, life, experiences. In the end Matt and I felt so comfortable about ourselves that we shared a lot about ourselves that many people don’t know. It was totally God who made us comfortable. Our hearts were defiantly hurting for the street children. Seeing Joseph and the kids totally high on glue killed us. At night out our window we can see where they sleep.

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  1. hi
    Great to see pictures of my home town.
    It’s sad pert of is the growing number of street children . No one seems to care. am ready to partner with any one who committed to reduction of human suffering

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