BigStuf is now 3 weeks away!

Hello everyone!
My BigStuf internship is now only 3 weeks away! 21 Days! I am so excited and ready for it to get here. I check, facebook, my email, and blog for updates almost twice a day. I have been blown away by your support and am so thankful for all everyone has done. I have not raised all my money yet for BigStuf and could aways use your financial and/or support through prayer. If you haven’t read my support letter, check it out below ( and if you have skip on past it):

I cannot thank you enough for your support for me over the past years. I have grown immensely from my college experiences, from life events, and especially from my internships. I was able to intern in Africa in 2007 with BigStuf’s Journey internship. The Kenya internship proved to be a dream come true, to this day my team is still strong (something unheard of) and we constantly communicate and visit each other. This is evidence of the trust and growth we experienced while in Kenya. Last spring I started a 6 month internship with the student ministry at my church, and quite frankly, while I don’t hold the title as intern I probably do even more in the church now than I did while serving of the title “intern.” But that is me, a hard working young man.  Last spring I was also able to lead a group of students on a mission trip to Jamaica. It was an amazing trip, and it taught me much about what I believed in and showed me how much strength I really have. So what is next for me? Well, can I just say that it is an opportunity on par with my Kenya internship if not better? I think I shall…

I have been selected out of over 40 applicants to join a group of 16 students (10 girls, 6 boys) to help run the BigStuf Summer Camp ( in Panama City, here is a quick run-down of what all this internship allows me to do:

Team Training at Camp Highland ( in Elijay,Ga before the camps start

Training from the best student leaders in the nation before camps start

Over a week-long trip to Kenya to see all communities BigStuf, Compassion Int. (, and 410 Bridge ( sponsor as well as visit the worst slums on the planet and see the devastation taking on in the world. I will also have a chance to visit the child I sponsor through compassion, Raphael, who lives in Kenya.

I will run 10 camps and interact with over 19,000 students as well as youth leaders and parents

I will run production (my favorite), run the camp store, run the compassion table, assist leaders and youth groups, and lead sporting events out on the beach.

Oh…wait…did I tell you that this camp is right smack dab on the beach in Panama City?!

That is right; I will be on the beach the whole summer. But, guys, let me tell you that this is no luxury internship. That is never my intent on any internship I do. You guys should know my heart by now, my purpose here on earth is this:

“To create environments and relationships that foster love and create community.”

I love people, I mean really really love people! I love my family, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents…everyone! I take interest in each person I meet. I want to get to know them for who they really are. I believe in love. And there is a revolutionary guy named Jesus who believed in the same thing. He believed in a love that has no boundaries – none. I believe in his cause, and that is to love every single person I meet no matter who they are, who they love, what they do or have done. My cause, my love, my strengths will all be stretched to their limits this summer as I am gone for about 3 months. This internship is worth every penny and the experience I will gain (leadership, dependency, patience, knowledge, understanding, love, humbleness) will change my life and yours.

So I need your help. These three months will not be easy for me. I have been able to talk to numerous past interns and they have told me how rewarding but emotionally, mentally, and physically tough this internship is. My day starts at 7AM (Intern Breakfast) and ends at 12AM (Security). I will have to deal with thousands of students on a daily basis as well as adults who will be on edge managing their youth. I will face experiences and circumstances I have never faced before, and while they may not be fun, they will teach me so much about life and myself. I have to raise $2,600 for my internship. Can I tell you how amazing it is that this cost covers 3 months of my internship (camp basic needs, food, Kenya trip, leadership training, etc.). But raising this much is NOT easy. I will not be earning any income this summer, so any money I raise over will help me with gas, other living expenses, souvenirs, and help me to get readjusted when I return in the fall. Any help you can give me financially or through prayer would be so beneficial. No money amount is too small, and it is NEVER too late to send support.

I  encourage you to check out the BigStuf website and other organizations. I want you to see how professionally important this internship is for me. I hope this internship will open up access to my first full-time job with production or leadership. A French philosopher once said,

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

I am passionate about this internship. I am passionate about my relationships that I will create and the students I will inspire to achieve their own passion, and the passion I hope you will find in yourselves. Please, join me on this journey as I step out into the unknown…


I am not kidding you guys when I say that this internship will and already has opened doors for me. I know that God has BIG STUFF in store for me and this summer is just another kick-start in his plans. Can I just say how professional this internship is??? It is not just a joy-ride but a hard-earned internship that tomorrow and thursday you will see just few aspects of what I will mean.

If you want to give financially, please send all monies to:

BigStuf Camps
ATTN: Summer Camp Intern – Trent Hope
35 Old Canton St
Alpharetta, GA 3009

If you want to include a slip of paper with my name on it and your phone number, email and address you may. It helps with the sorting out.

Again, I am humbled and thankful for your love and support.


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