Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

I slept good again. I went down early and saw Matt already chatting away with the staff. So I headed back upstairs to work on my journal. 40 min. later it was time for breakfast. Breakfast was the same. They give us the choice of Passion juice, coffee, tea, or milk and water. All are good. After breakfast we went to the fourth floor (which is really they 6th floor). Today was the first day we went int there. It’s a conference room, as well as a gym (bad equipment and floor). We didn’t see the other room. All morning we practiced skits, Bible stories, songs, etc. We were all sweating and tired by the time we were done. After a quick round of Ninja it was time for lunch. We ran!

Lunch wa the same. I had a coke. From lunch they gave us about thirty minutes before we were going ot go out and do market ministry. I was nervous. These people smiled and waved, but would they really welcome us? I laid in bed and listened to “Come Thy Fount” by Rick Pearson. He calmed me downand I was able to talk to God. I was ready.

We all went down to our dining area and Joseph (I believe) was there to help us get ready. Joey split us into five groups. I was the only guy. Alright God…You’ve got the reigns. Our whole point wasn’t to go out there and share the gospel. If we ever get to do that….good. But the point is building a relationship and to just LOVE. So our group and Travis’ group walked together. We came upon the street kids, and instantly the girls began to goof off with them. I just shook hands. We were soon on our way and into the market. Joey was watching from a distance, both of our groups. We did a fairly good job of staying together. I tried to make sure that no girl was alone or too far. We talked to many people. Andrew, a guy who sold shoes. Jennifer and her friend who sold t-shirts, drapes, sheets, tablecloths,. I got into a few good conversations. Joey soon rounded us up and we walked with him. One of the street kids showed up and it was Joseph. He was sniffing glue. He wasn’t the same. He walked next to me in a daze and Joey explained to me a little more why he was the way he was. It broke my heart. All he could do was keep asking me for bread and money. It hurt to tell him no. I couldn’t say “go home” because he didn’t have one.

We had enough time to change into our sports gear and head over to Antioch. I didn’t know what to expect. Yesterday was crazy. When we got there all the kids were excited. There were about 100 girls from the school. There were some boys from Karatina High as well as the people of the church. I was ready to do whatever…except basketball. First, the girls played, than the boys, then us. It wasn’t too bad. I had a few good throws. We lost. I ended up talking to Luke, a father of four who was in training at Antioch. We talked about America, churches in America, other religions in America, education. He had so many questions and knew so little about us. He wanted to come to my university or at least come to America. He too asked for a contact number. I didn’t give it. I told him I was in transition of switching schools and switching phones. I just don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

I soon got called over to play volleyball. I was much, much, much, much, much better at that. Our team won again 19-25, I believe. After that they wanted us to play again, but we had to go. The bus picked up the first round of our group so we continue to play. On the same court right behind us some guys began to play basketball. Our group started to fizzle out and Bryce and Travis R. were on one side with some guys, and I was on the other. Finally my bus came and we left tired and ready for dinner.

For some reason none of us could really down our food. It wasn’t bad, yet for some reason we couldn’t eat alot. I went upstairs to change into pants for the church. We were going to see them do skits and songs for us. A group of us were already waiting outside when we were called all of the way to the seventh fllor to be told they had a power outage at the church so we couldn’t go. I was a little dissapointed because I really wanted to see them perform. Joey went over some rules and we discussed a few things about what went on in the market. We were all swamped so Suzanne asked for someone to give their testimony then we would pray and go to bed. Molly ended up sharing her testimony. It was one of the BEST I have ever  heard. So many people were crying and I was starting to tear up at the end. Her testimony made me so angry at men who do horrible things to women. Everyone was quiet. I felt like God wanted me to say something because a lot of these girls seemed like they could not trust guys and I wanted to assure them that there are still some great guys out there. I stood up and felt myself shaking like I was about to  cry. I had to work hard to keep it togeher, but I felt God need me to let them know that I was furious that a guy woulde ever do that to a girl. That I was sorry. That I was keeping an eye on each girl here. That I cherised them and loved them. That they could trust me. That I wanted to be real and trust them and not be fake. That all the guys in the group wanted the same thing. You can imagine a lot of people were crying. I held it all together though and sat down. We then sat in silence until we worked up the courage to pray.

I hit the sack after a little TV and journaling.


WOW! This was definatly a LIFE CHANGING night for the whole team including myself. I will never forget this night and it plays a part at the end of the trip.

Pictures to come Sunday Night

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  1. Hi i like your story.
    I am a member of Antioch Baptist church though when u guys came i was not around i hope you had a good time.

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