Geese! Pt. II

So I wrote about the geese in our neighborhood the other day, but really did not have any substantial evidence. Well, I now have photos of the geese. I sort of feel like TMZ or some paparazzi. On the way home this morning from Starbucks (skipped my first class since the other one was cancelled), I met Hanz and Bethel at the front of the neighborhood. I dunno why they like that stretch, but they do. I met a lot of deer there one morning a few weeks ago. And they are not some wimpy deer either, but some beefed up does. I can’t recall seeing a buck though. So, on with the evidence:


  1. Those geese are awesome! We used to have them in our backyard when we lived in Mtn Ridge; I miss them! Anyways, we will be happy to bring back Disney maps and whatnot. Are you planning a trip there? It’s awesome! And no worries, I’ll take plenty of pictures. I already warned Coleson that we will be standing in line, no matter how long, for a family photo with Mickey!

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