Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

Boy did I sleep good! There was one mosquito that came in my room. I quickly got up and Travis R. came to make sure I was ready. Joey double-checked each room. We all went down for breakfast and afterwords went to get ready for church. Travis and a few guys hung out in my room for awhile and then we all walked out to the balcony. There was a greyhound on the left side of the road, and all of the sudden we see goats being pulled out from under the greyhound. Only one was thrown to the side of the road because it was dead. Then another was pulled and thrown. In no time, both were gone. The driver of our bus showed up and the guys went down to meet him. We were there by ourselves for awhile until Suzanne came. The bus could only fit 11 of us, so it took us two trips to get there. I was in the second round. We to to Antioch and we just went in and sat down as a guy was preaching. He preached for quite awhile. Soon he was done as the bell rand and women and children flooded in [Sunday school was over]. I went and sat with 3-4 boys and as we sang songs and prayed, two came and I let one of them sit on my lap. The kids were great. One of the pastors called Suzanne up and she introduced all of us. After a few more songs, two pastors came up. One spoke in English while the other translated in Kikuyu. That lasted FOREVER (an hour at least). Finally, possibly after three hours there [no lie.], it was time to go to lunch with “Mama” and “Papa” two missionaries who have lived here for 52 years. They are both 89, I believe. So they and many other leaders joined us.

Lunch was pretty much the same, except I had grown a liking for the bread, I can’t remember the what they call it [chapati]. Anyways, it was soon time to get ready for playing sports. 😦 We all had about 15 minutes and then we got on the bus in two rounds. When we got to Antioch, EVERYONE was there and also some girls from the girls school down the street [Pan African Girls]. So we get off and I play football with some of the kids and adults. They don’t know how to play, so it made me look good! 🙂 They had cameras with them and took pictures with me! Ha! After that I went up to watch they girls play [our girls vs. Pan African] basketball. They did a great job, but didn’t win. Then it was the guys turn to play, we lost…enough said. Then it came time for volleyball. I was much better at that and we actually won. I ended up sitting afterwords with a guy named Dominic who was in the school at Antioch. He pretty much poured his heart out to me. He wanted so much for me to build a relationship with him. He told me that he believed God had brought me here to bless him and he wanted to get to know me more. He in return totally blessed me and encouraged me. After talking with him for almost an hour it was time to go eat dinner.

Dinner was pretty much the same. When we got done, Suzanne handed us all Rice Krispy treats. That was the best thing! We then played a game where we read random facts and tried to guess who they belong to. I got 7/22 right 😦 and Liz won with 12/22. We then went around and talked about our experiences. I was still pretty overwhelmed about my time with Dominic that was so real. So honest. So loving. So strong. He had a heart for God that I am jealous of. It’s something I want more of. But I didn’t know how to go further in our relationship. I ended up talking to Suzanne after that and she just told me to be patient. And if he pursues a relationship with me, go for it. She gave me the peace I needed to go to bed. I watched “ER”  and a little of “Dead Zone” before checking out for the night.

Mama and Papa were two people who really touched our heart. For both to be now in their 90s and still working hard in the mission field blew our minds. Lunch with them and their family really was an amazing experience as we learned all of their history and how they ended up in Kenya.
I want to clarify a little on Dominic. It sounds like I am trying to reach out to a native or something, but in all reality, I wanted to be careful in where our friendship went. He really wanted to get to know me and really for me to help and guide him. If I was willing to do that, I needed to be ready to hold up me end of the relationship and not return to America and leave him dry. More on this later…

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