Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

I awoke after the best nights sleep after leaving from home. I laid in bed for awhile after journaling. My room was the size of a dorm room cut in half. Outside my window I could hear the rush of cars on the busy Nairobi streets. People began to rustle in the outside halls as I could hear talking, some showers, and maybe a flush or two. Each room’s ventilation went through the bathroom, so you could hear everything. Everyone began to meet in th halls and chat. As a group began to form we went down to breakfast, we didn’t know what to expect, so we were quite suprised to find hard-boiled eggs, eggs, bread, sausage, corn flakes, and these wheat chunks. When you poured milk over the wheat chunks it expanded. I drank hot water and milk. Everything was good. After we were done we had an hour or so to pack. I was pretty much ready to go so we all started to talk in the halls. Matt and I got into a conversation about Jesus being a Jewish rabbi and all the stuff that went along with that. It was a nice conversation about Rob Bell too. Soon we started to take all of our luggage downstairs. We started to talk with the security guard. After awhile we heard music from the basement. A group of us went down there and listened and joined in. There we four short-term missionaries (3 boys and one girl) and a student from the University of Nairobi. I can still remember a few words, “God is good all the time, all the time He is good.” We got all of our luggage as Joey made us leave (haha).

We loaded up the bus/carvan and went into downtown Nairobi. We stopped at the Java House and had lunch. I ended up getting a cheeseburger with chips (fries) and a Sprite. They had all sorts of food, even Mexican. We ended up getting a bitter lemon after Michael said they tried last time. I took the first shot, and WHOA! It wasn’t too bad! 🙂 After we were done we all met up outside. I was waiting for a few people to get out of the bathroom nad then I went outside. By that time all the guys had gone down the street to get water. Suzanne and our driver, Phillip, showed me where they went, so I went by myself down the street, across an intersection, and into the mall. I was looking for any place that sold water. After going down the hall, I found a place that looked like a supermarket. It was heavily guarded. I went in and finally found Travis Bartlett. We ended up getting over 22 5 liter jugs of water. All of the guysand Phillip had to carry the water a long way to where our caravan was being guarded by security. They were repacking all of our luggage. We ended up cramming all of the water in with us. Soon we were on our way through the crowded streets of Nairobi, and people and cars were EVERYWHERE! We were flipping out with all the roundabouts and the lack of people using the lanes in the road. Oh the places and things we saw! There were so many things! As we kept on driving (It was an over two-hour trip), we saw waterfalls, giant rocks, huts, livestock, people EVERYWHERE, police (we were stopped twice). We were so soaked in. We took a pit stop not to far out of Karatina. It was a big shop with nice bathrooms in the back. As the car swarmed us trying to get us to buy things, Mary called us to get her out. We hurriedly got to the bus and were soon climbing a giant hill. It was fuuny, because we didn’t know what to expect Karatina to be like, so when we dound ourselves suddenly in a town with a big dirt road and the pavement road shut off, we were suprised. We couldn’t stop waving at all of the kids, We turned right, and knew we were almost at Antioch Baptist.  When we pulled into the church the kid swarmed around us. Our smiles were huge. They kept on wanting to touch us and hold our hands. We were lead into the church and down a  few hallways to a class room. There we sat down and waited for a welcome. A few people showed up and spoke and we all introduced oursleves. They told us we had  a tight schedule and we needed to get a lot of rest because church and our afternoon playing sports would wear us out. So we went back and loaded up the bus and they took us to our hotel: Starbucks. It seriously looked like we were in the middle east. It felt like Africa. Suzanne told us to stay in the car as Joey went inside.

All of the sudden we had two boys swarming our caravan asking for candy. I think one asked Matt since he usually gets most of the interesting situations. One of the security guards chased them away. Suzanne was soon down and told us we had many flights of stairs to go up. She wasn’t lying. We unloaded the caravan all by ourselves and people kept on trying to help, but we wouldn’t let them. We kept freaking out because Joey kept brushing against a power line. Carrying the waters and three bags up four flights of stairs was NOT fun. The hotel was on the third floor and up. The floor below was a restaurant [Chicken Inn] and it sounded like a rave was going on. They were watching the National Soccer Game (Chelsey vs ????). So it was loud.

I got assigned a room: 204, which was really 404. It was nicer than my room in Nairobi. I had a corner room with windows on all sides. My bed was big. I had a TV (with four channels). I even had a bathroom with hot water. Would would’ve known?! We unpacked a little but went down for dinner. It was a side room with a TV and about ten tables. We sat and talked as the began to set the tables around us. We first got this soup called “Ox tail” soup. It was good. The rest of the dinner was good as well. The bread was AWESOME. Here they serve drinks last. So by the time they gave me my Coke I was thirsty. Then we kind of went over our schedule and had a time to give testimonies. By the third one we were all tired, so Joey sent us up to our rooms. I was a litted freaked out since I was down the hall by myself. I told Travis Rushing and Mary to make sure I was up when I was supposed to be. I turned on the TV to see what was on and lo and behold it was Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in “Hollywood Homicide.” A great movie to for Kenyans to see what we are like [end sarcasm]. During this time people were hearing about my big room and wanted to come and check it out. I ended up getting a shower, taking my medicene, and knocking myself out with Tylenol PM. After listening to my iPod for one song [Prob. some good ole Rick Pearson], I was out.


Okay, so I lied. This entry was longer than the last.

(Pictures and extended commentary to be added. Now I must go to bed).

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