Experience Kenya

Experience Kenya

Training yesterday was long, but good. Joey and Suzanne did the best job fully explaining the culture of Kenya and what all we will and could experience. I am so excited about all the possibilities. After three hours of training it was lunch time. The food at Camp Highland is surprisingly better than BigStuf’s summer camp in Panama City [little did I know that I would be interning at that camp in summer 2009]. After lunch we played a little frisbee and football, and then it was time for more training. We did a team building exercise where we got in a circle and tossed a ball, a thing of glue, and a frisbee around at three different people. Each element made it more difficult and challenging. After that it was off to do the low ropes course. It was defiantly a blast ridding the hummer-like military vehicle all through the mountainside.

Our first initiative was my least favorite. Steel ropes connected to trees making us all go from one tree to another without falling. It took us 40 min to really get the hang of it, but we did it. The next initative was to put half (we called ourselves rain) of one team on one block/square of wood and then half on the other. Then with a rope swing we had to swing across to the other team;’s block until everyone had flipped sides. That took us a good thirty minutes. It was fun. 🙂 Our last initiative was the “Wall of Doom.” That took 15 [minutes] with great ease. After that we were worn out and ready to relax. So we went up to the high ropes course and watched the BigStuf [Camp] interns go while we drank H2O. Soon we were on our way back to the cabins when most of the guys and Tana dropped off and played ultimate frisbee with all the BigStuf guys. Fun! Then it was time for a shower and dinner. After dinner we did a time of training and then Suzanne and I gave our testimonies. I wanted to be open and uncomfortable so I instantly raised my hand first [to tell my testimony] out of all the campers. It wasn’t a detailed testimony because I have a month to get to know all of these guys!!! It felt good.

*It rained halfway through this entry and we had to load up fast. I didn’t finish this till 11:20 that night!

Galatians 3 – Blew me away! I thought Abraham was a main vessel and while he was, God already had Jesus in mind as the bigger ultimate vessel [deliverer of the Israelites] of grace through faith. (Gal. 3:16)


(3/6/09) This day was fun when I think about it. I remember watching all the BigStuf interns doing the high ropes course and drinking water while we waited for the hummer to pick us up to go back to shower. While waiting I broke my sunglasses. This is a typical thing for me to do, as sunglasses and watches I have tend to break in less than a week of being received. As we waited a few of us went down to the bottom of the high ropes course and Travis (Bartlett) began to hit rocks with a huge piece of a branch. It was hilarious. I thought he was crazy.

I remember giving my testimony that night, and like I said in my journal entry, it was short and sweet. I fully intended to fully get to know my team….and I did.

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