Modern-Day Prophet: Shane Claiborne

 Shane Claiborne:
 I’ll be honest, I did not really like Shane until two weeks ago when I read his book “Jesus for President”. He started the ministry “The Simple Way”. Here is what they have to say:


We are the simple way, a community of faith.

Each of us is created for community, and in the image of community. And yet everything in the world tries to rob us of this Divine gift.

The life of the simple way is the story of that struggle to love and to be loved.

The most radical thing we do is choose to love each other… again and again.

If you are a seeker of the Way, may our story feed you hope… or at least keep you from making all the same mistakes.

“Life in community is no less than a necessity for us, an inescapable ‘must’… all life created by God exists in communal order and works toward community.” — Eberhard Arnold

Here is some more information on him though Wikipedia:

Claiborne’s outlook on ministry to the poor is often compared to Mother Teresa, whom he worked alongside with during a 10-week term in Calcutta. He spent 3 weeks in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team (a project of Voices in the Wilderness and Christian Peacemaker Teams). He was witness to the military bombardment of Baghdad as well as the militarized areas between Baghdad and Amman. As a member of IPT, Claiborne took daily trips to sites where there had been bombings, visited hospitals and families, and attended worship services during the war. He also continues to serve as a board member for the nation-wide Christian Community Development Association which was founded by the authors and community developers, John Perkins and Wayne Gordon.

Not only has he done all of that but has written two books: “The Irresistible Revolution” and “Jesus for President”. It is these two books that really blow my mind. Watch this:

While I am totally drawn to a lot of what he speaks of, “Community, Peace, Love, Giving, Simple Living, Recycling.” I sometimes think that he may go too far in anti-war activism. I know we all don’t want to go to war, but pouring blood and banging up machinery with farm tools really only makes things worse in the end. Period. But besides that, what he says revolutionizes everything we think about. It tore me up when I read “Jesus for President” and I encourage you to read it too.

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