This is from Wednesday. I take my last two finals today!

As I try to study for my Economics final on Thursday I can’t help but notice the same (well, I assume the same) caterpillar greets me as he inches his way across the patio. It’s quite funny to see him again. You know, I am so blessed. I can’t believe I am actually sitting on a patio! I was thinking earlier as I kept attempting to study for the exam that my Dad has always dreamed of having a nice patio to relax on, and finally we do here at out new house. I don’t think a day has passed by that we have not been out on the patio. It is just so welcoming as it almost seamlessly runs into the sod grass that is beautiful. It gives us so much more of an excuse to have community and to reflect and relax. How awesome is that?

One comment

  1. Yes No doubt the best places to find God is in nature I pray all goes well for ya and may you be blessed in many ways, Keep doing what you do and the Lord will bless you for it!

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