So the first service of SHIFT was a success! We got here bright and early at 9:15 to run through the program and make sure all media was running well. At 11:00 we premiered our first service with “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy. It was awesome. Bryan Isbell led worship today with Andrew and Andy adding to the mix. Like I said before, this is the beginning of our delayed and cut-short series “Consumer Acceptance” and you don’t want to miss this mini-series. Oh, and just a minor note we gave away a RockBand today and we are giving another one away tonight.

Today’s Playlist
Series Bumper: “Top of the World” – Boys Like Girls
“Dance, Dance” – Fall Out Boy

“All Because” – Steve Fee
“Here is Our King” – David Crowder
“Everlasting God” – Brenton Brown
“All We Need” – Charlie Hall

For an added bonus, here is the music video:

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