It’s Official!

So tonight at SPIN David revealed to everyone the changes coming to SPIN…or once was called SPIN. I have so many ideas flowing in my brain. I know exactly how David feels about his experience in Bass Pro Shop. It’s the “WOW” type of feeling. We want that for the SPIN environment. We want to WOW you. We want everyone to feel at home. We want it to be a room where people want to come and chill. Because of that the lounge/coffee house feel is what I am aiming for. But SPIN just doesn’t seem like it will work, and we need something more cozy/coffee-ish/community-ish (aka alot of ishes). I loved hearing feedback tonight because it is you high schoolers that will make the environment your own. However, Crystal and I say a “heck no” to splattering the wall!
Below is some sketches I did on Paint (yeah, the crappy one that comes on every PC) while at Andrew’s house tonight. Simple, but a start. I hope to have some awesome sketches up soon.


What would you think of a low-rider stage? They are on your level and you feel more connected.

Sketches on Paint

So here is one of the many layout ideas flowing through my head. Yeah, that is a coffee shop you first walk through. Grab-and-go. The map is not to scale and is probably smaller.

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