Feeling the WGA Strike…

I am really starting to feel the Writer’s Guild Strike. I am behind them about 75%. They do need to get paid more, but they are making some pretty ridiculous demands. How could they get money from reality TV? And they are also making demands for all writers to be a part of the WGA. What will happen if the writers get the upper hand for the first time ever? I just want it to end with the writers and directors making more money from DVDs and a little from online viewing. However, this will mean a possible fee to watch our shows online when it used to be free. :\ It hasn’t happened yet, but is seems unavoidable….
Here’s how many episodes are left:

I am needing my shows really badly and to go most if not all of the spring season without them will be a nightmare. Reality is, there will be no new episodes of The Office, LOST (other than the 8 that will air out of the planned 14), Bionic Woman, ER, The Unit, Grey’s Anatomy, and Heroes. YES. No more episodes until mid to late 2008. There will only be reality tv and gameshows!!!!

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