So, I was floored last night with everyone else. I didn’t have a clue what was going on until everyone else did. Yeah, it was that big of a deal. And boy, what great news, yet what shocking news. I honestly was shocked all night. I about hyperventilated. From a production standpoint, this is HUGE. And it has looked a lot over the few weeks like I haven’t done a lot production-wise, but I have poured hours into everything. No, it was not all gone to waste, just a lot of ideas are on the back burner, some may never come to life. I have always know and was re-reminded last night that youth ministry is not a constant, it is always changing. The funny thing is that I am glad it isn’t constant. We stay relevant and in tune with culture and connecting with the youth. However, from a production aspect….hard hard hard hard work. So until the new environment opens I will be pretty jittery. I already have ideas flowing, I actually started visualizing the new environment last night. HA! But what is going to make the environment is you students, parents, church members, and friends. Your input is needed on David’s blog as well as mine.
– Trent

Crystal and My Reaction


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