The Madness Begins

Okay. So I procrastinated on studying for my exams. I have 3 on Wednesday and 1 on Friday. I could move one final on Wed., but honestly, I just want to get it over with. I am going to try my best to not get stressed out, but I am working at Nike today from 5-11pm and then in the morning from 7am-4pm. So that leaves me really with a quick study in the morning from about 5-6am. and then cramming from 5-??? tomorrow night. And not to sound cocky or prideful, but I will most likely do good on exams. Even with not studying a lot. I will have all As and Bs this semester and I will make at least a B on each of my finals…most likely an A on most. Why? Because I guess things are finally clicking. I am interested in this stuff and so I don’t need to be told twice about things. The hardest will be studying Mongol and Middle Easter specifics and a comprehensive understanding of American Government. But I will bull-crap my way through that and do good. For those of you in or have been in college…you know, you know.
So here’s to the lack of sleep over the next few days and the nap I just took in the library!
– Trent

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