Getting Over The Church’s Mistakes

There is still so much I am getting over, unraveling, opening up about the bad side of the church I have seen. I remember over a year ago in one class at the Christian University I was at, the teacher decided to show us a quick video. I love the teacher to death, but she is also very emotional (pink-haired lady type of emotional) and is traditional pentecostal, finding her in the church choir after curiosity led me to go and see Benny Hinn one night at a church (That is a whole other story). What disappointed me about this video was its shock value. Afterwards I was angry….was I supposed to be scared? Was I supposed to be crying and telling God to save me? I was angry. It was a stupid video that was NOT relevant to our society today. It would infuriate more than draw people near. My heart broke as I was beginning to discover that a school that was trying to prepare a generation to reach millions of unchurched people was doing so many things wrong. Yeah, I said it, they were doing so many things wrong. Of course there will be many effective ministers to come out of the university, but I fear there will be many more ineffective. So watch the video, be shocked, and please feel free to leave a comment.
– T

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