2 Weeks!

I have less than two weeks before school is out fer me! This morning was pretty rough for me. I did not want to get up and the weather was not helping. But then I have exams beginning next week for me! Whoop! Whoop!

Posting on another person’s blog, I totally misspelled their name and in apology I wrote these as the reason to my stupidity:
1.I have a case of the Mondays
2. It’s raining
3. I am wet
4. I have starbucks coffee
5. I woke up at 6
6. I forgot my government book
7. Exams are next week
8. I want to sleep
9. I am craving some ABBA
10.I haven’t been able to watch the LOTR triolgy
11. I want to see Beowulf
12. I miss my church family so bad already
13. I have no friends here right now.
14. My bed was comfortable and warm
15. I want a flat screen tv
16. I want a HD player
17. I want my paycheck for Black Friday
18. I have a huge break today between classes
19. I have to sit through British literature
Yesterday I had a blast at Buck and Beth’s Christmas party. We watch Christmas Vacation, The Polar Express, and It’s A Wonderful Life. It pretty much rocked. So if you were not there, you totally missed out. Boo-ya.


  1. Sorry the day is not so great for you, Trent. Praying it gets better and something good this afternoon will feel incredible compared with the beginning of the day.

  2. Yes, btw, the movie was good. Do you know that when you click on your name when you have commented on someone else’s blog that you get a profile list of like 8 blogs and big fish is not one of them.Dude! that is a lot of blogging.

  3. A-ha! I fixed it now. I didn’t have the option to add and remove blogs from my list. I have some blogs to us e in the future so the name doesn’t get take until I have the time to start it. 😛

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