Plumb – Relevance in Music

Relevance In Music: PLUMB

I have listened to Tiffany Lee Arbuckle also known as the lead singer of old band plumb and now solo artist. She has helped me through so much and it is because she is honest and real. I have had the chance to see her twice in concert, and I have been able to talk to her and her husband and have worked with her closest friends. Below I have a few music videos I think could be used for SPIN, whether doing a series, to show, or let someone sing. You’re either going to love her style or hate it, she is more of an Evanescence/Alanis Morsette type.

1) Cut
This song deals with self-mutilation in a very powerful way. Using black and white tone to illustrate isolation. The instrumentals create a sense of edge and the chorus and vocals create a sense of relief. This could defiantly be used for a series on filler night. It could be played or sung with strong female vocals and piano. And hey, if you don’t like the pace or the video, the remix is pretty sweet and actually is popular in clubs. Makes you wonder if the people really know what this song is about.
I know people who have and possibly still are dealing with this issue. I remember when a friend trusted me enough to show me where she cut herself on her ankle. I didn’t full understand how powerful that moment was, but now when I look back, she was desperate for something real. Which leads to the next song.

This is one of the top 10 songs of my life. It got me through my junior year of high school. I can remember one night at Youth Assembly in Atlanta sitting outside about midnight listening to the city traffic and watching people and the homeless walk below. I felt alive. I felt real. Why was this? What is real? What is truth? Tiffany brings these thoughts to life in this song about a girl trying to figure out what is real. She tries to be who she thinks the world wants her to be, but it isn’t enough. At the end of the day everyone goes home and the lights go out and she is no better.
Again, black and white is used to create a emotional tone. The setting seems to be in a boutique, fitting for the story of this girl trying to find “real”. While it seems to focus on girls, I think the guys can feel the same way. Do I look good? Am I fit enough? Do people really care? Am I worth it? Listen to the song, the vocals just blow you away. I actually don’t care to much for the video, but there is major symbolism in it as well. For me the song setting is walking down the sidewalk during the night in some big city. For me, I visualize Chattanooga. It’s those late walks alone or with friends that life hits you hard.


(Double click for fullscreen)

3)Boys Don’t Cry
Yet another powerful song. The title says it all…boys don’t cry, right? We’re supposed to keep it all in when the world is falling apart. Don’t let it show. There is so much symbolism in this music video. In fact, when is there not symbolism in her music videos. Water being the main one. My friend picked out Tiffany’s pantyhose being torn symbolizing your emotion showing through. The issue here is divorce, and the son stuck in between it all not known how to deal. Watch the video and see what you think.
Click Here to Watch
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I think Plumb is very relevant to the kids today. Using themes of hurt, hiding one’s emotion, and being real to name a few. See what you think from these 3 music videos and if we could go further with them. I have a copy of some of her best songs, believe me, she has some VERY deep lyrics.

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